What You Should Know About Ski Insurance

Ski and winter sports travel insurance is chiefly planned to give cover for urgent medical situations, mountain rescue and repatriation for the insurance policy holder.

Most travel agents and tour operators will provide you ski insurance along with their ski holiday packages, but there are now many insurance companies that are specialists only in wintersports insurance policy and their insurance cover will usually outperform that of the travel agent’s. The easiest method for obtaining ski insurance is to buy it from the internet. Check that you get the right cover for other activities like snowboarding, heliskiing and off-piste skiing if you plan on doing them.

What Ski Insurance Does

Skiing and snowboarding are regarded as risky activities to pursue according to recent surveys. Having some ski travel insurance for your holiday is therefore considered as crucial. Specialist wintersports travel insurance could in effect save you a substantial amount of money.

What Ski Insurance Includes

With a lot of ski insurance you may have difficulty finding a policy that caters equally well for both you and your equipment. Skiers and snowboarders usually travel with expensive ski equipment. Be aware that a lot of ski insurance policies will not cover for these items and you will have to buy another insurance especially for this equipment.

You might find that some ski insurance automatically covers under 18’s for free on their parent’s insurance policy, and for the family who take regular ski holidays this can reduce insurance costs quite substantially.

Atmospheric conditions in ski resorts can change and good snow cannot always be guaranteed. It’s thus possible that on some occasions skiing or snowboarding will be unavailable to you, so do check the insurance small print for any rules and conditions on this.

Liability cover is often included in ski travel insurance, but this cover differs from one policy to another. Having adequate liability insurance is essential, even more so on the piste where you risk injuring others. Find out to what level of liability you are covered for, and if this seems insufficient expand it for a small extra charge. Alternatively, look around and find ski travel insurance that does include the level of liability cover that you feel safe with.

If you plan on having more than one ski holiday during the ski season then buying an annual insurance could work out a lot more affordable. It also removes the hassle of getting a new insurance each time you go on ski holiday.