Travel Nurses and Healthcare Professionals – What Are the Benefits?

Are you a nurse or healthcare professional and want to know more about the benefits of becoming a travel nurse? This article focuses on travel nurse benefits. Expand your professional growth, higher pay, travel throughout the United States and US Virgin Islands, and have your own personal agent!

Expand your professional growth
You’ll be exposed to new ways and processes in healthcare, which will strengthen your skill set, not to mention, pump up your resume. You’ll grow both personally and professionally. You’ll have the freedom to choose where your next assignment will be. If your current position doesn’t give you the chance to learn more and take advantage of cutting-edge technologies, you can work with your recruiter to help you find these kinds of opportunities.

The pay scales for travel healthcare professionals are often higher than staff positions. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn bonuses for completing assignments and recruiting other travel healthcare pros. On the average, a travel healthcare pro can expect to earn 15% to 20% more. Medical and dental coverage is available from your first day of work. Depending upon the assignment, other benefits can include free housing, 401(k) matching contributions, travel reimbursement or a travel allowance, various types of insurance such as life and disability, continuing education, and licensure reimbursement, to name a few.

Explore new places. Reconnect with your dreams visiting places you’ve always wanted to see.

Your own personal agent
You are not alone! Travel healthcare professionals have the best representation available! When you sign on with an agency, a recruiter will take you under their wing and represent your interests to their clients. These recruiters understand your individual needs and preferences, and will focus on locating the assignment that works best for you. They also act as your resource and support advisor. They are there for you!