Using a Travel Agent

Planning a flight trip can be time consuming and confusing. But this can be made easier for you by using a travel agent. It will not only make your trip planning an easy process, but he or she will save you a lot of money on early booking discounts, hotel deals, travel advisories and special fares.

Benefits of Using travel Agents

* They have strong relations with travel suppliers, such as airlines, cruises and hotels and the use up to date computer reservation systems. They use technology that will help get you the best information as well as giving you value for your money.

* They work as travel advocates and advisors. This means that they have strong ethics and will give you information regarding the situation in your intended destination. Matters such as visas and health insurance.

* They are convenient as they are available in many locations.

* They have excellent knowledge of the travel industry. They are well trained to offer you the best service.

* They are prepared to go the extra mile just to make sure that your plans are achieved.

Finding a Good Travel Agent

You can choose an agent just like you would choose a doctor, medical aid scheme or lawyer. You can read reviews and get advice from friends and relatives who use that particular agent. Since different people have different desires, tastes and styles you may have to shop around several agencies before choosing the one which best suits you. Take note of everything right from the agent’s appearance and their willingness to listen and answer all your questions.

Determining factors in getting a good travel agent

Your travel agent should belong to a certifying body of agents. This could be IATA or ASTA for Americans. Membership to such bodies includes, airlines, railroads, tour operators, travel schools, car rental companies and hotels.

Special services offered by travel agents

With the increase in world travel, the travel industry is growing and increasingly becoming competitive. It should be able to arrange domestic and international Flights, accommodation, ground transportation and tour packages at very competitive rates. They should also be able to help you fulfill different destination’s travel requirements as well as getting you tailor made travel packages.

How to Know if your Travel Agent is Well Trained

Feel free to ask that particular agent about their history and background. Most professionals are trained in the fields of management, travel and tourism and Geography. Others have professional memberships such as Certified Travel Agents (CTC).

It should be able to get the best flight deals as well as other discounted prices.

They are experienced and unbiased professionals who work tirelessly to get you the best travel advice and cheap deals. Doing this alone can be frustrating, and having little or no experience in travel booking can prove to be tough experience.

Make sure to get the best deals in your travel packages by using the best travel agents.

Tradesman Tools And Equipment Risks And Insurance Cover

Tools and equipment insurance for tradesmen provides continuity cover for small businesses in as much as it replaces lost or damaged items and allows trade to continue. This type of cover is rarely sold as a standalone product but is often attached to a standard combined tradesman liability package as an optional extra.

Every type of tradesman will have a collection of tools that are unique to their trade, whether it be a set of paintbrushes for a painter and decorator, a mobile phone and a laptop for a real estate agent or a high-powered vacuum cleaner for an industrial office cleaning contractor.

Without these tools a tradesman cannot perform their trade and the cost of replacing all the essential working equipment in one go, due to a loss, could cripple a small businessman who has built up a set of unique tools over the years. All tools are at risk of theft, loss or accidental material damage, some more than others dependent upon the trade type.

By the very nature of their work, tradesman in the course of their daily business activities are required to travel to various clients premises. The risk of loss or damage to their tools is highly dependent upon the type of working environment that the tradesman finds themselves in and also the desirability and value of the tools they use. Insurance companies take these ‘risk exposure’ considerations into account when calculating premium rates for each different type of trade.

For example, the risk of loss of an expensive electric hand-held woodworking drill is far less if a carpenter or joiner is working in a private domestic premises as opposed to on a large building or construction site. On a building site there will be less security and many different people and workers coming and going with an opportunity to steal tools and equipment. Tradesman need to be extra vigilant for theft and most policies will exclude claims for the loss of tools left lying around, unsecured in the open.

A standard tools insurance policy will cover loss of or damage to hand tools and hand-held portable tools owned or hired in by the insured or any person working manually in the business. Most tools insurance policies today will provide cover for mobile phones, notebooks and other electronic gadgets used in running a business.

Typical exclusions to cover are theft from unattended motor vehicles, loss or damage whilst lent or hired out, loss or damage from wear and tear, rust, breakdown, cleaning, repair or restoration. Many comprehensive tradesman insurance policies and packages will cover theft of equipment from unattended vehicles under a goods in transit section, however there usually has to be forcible or violent entry for a claim to be considered.

The level of indemnity cover required by a tradesman should be adequate to replace the tools and equipment as new, allowing for a reduction for wear and tear or depreciation. Often polices will limit coverage to a fixed amount per single item of equipment. Tradesman should also be aware when purchasing cover that excesses are applied per claim. In some cases where there is not a total loss, the excess amount when deducted from the indemnified amount, could exceed the value of the items lost.

Most Frequent Dangers Travelers May Face

Travelling is a lot of fun, but unfortunately many travelers still don’t take seriously the latest travel cautions from authorities such as British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to take care about their safety. Many travelers deeply regret not taking out travel insurance, especially when realizing that an emergency abroad can be extremely expensive. So, here are the most frequent unpleasant cases that happened with travellers on vacations based on recent statistics of FCO.

Personal accidents

Many people have reported personal accidents such as:

moped and motorbike accidents;

drink and drug-related incidents;

natural death, accidental death and murder. There were 5,972 reported deaths of UK citizens in the last 12 months from a mixture including natural death, accidental death and murder.

Stolen, lost or damaged possessions

The most frequent problem encountered by British tourists is a problem of stolen passports – 25,969 reported incidents worldwide.

FCO calls on tourists to carry their passport in their pocket and never ever leave it unattended at any time. It is even better to take a photocopy of a passport and other important documents and to keep them separately from the originals.

Airline Failure

Many people were relieved that they were covered by their travel insurance for Scheduled Airline Failure following the recent demise of Spanair and also Hungary’s national carrier Malev, and others found that their policy left them high and dry. It is very likely in this financial climate that other airlines will get into a similar state, so it makes sense to ensure that you are covered – just in case.

Food troubles

Travel agents and insurance companies receive an increased number of claims from tourists who drank or ate something bad causing severe sickness. We all know how expensive medical treatment is if you don’t have insurance policy that covers this case. There have been serious illnesses and even fatal cases recently, mainly in Indonesia, India, and Turkey where drinks have been contaminated with methanol, so please take extra care when drinking local brews. Please remember that the costs associated with repatriation often greatly exceed the cost of the medical treatment and you should ensure this is covered by your travel insurance policy.


We recommend you to research your holiday destination and take all recommended precautions because extra care and good hygiene are essential whilst travelling anywhere (even when you’re not travelling, but that’s a whole different story).

Many cases of various diseases while being on vacation have been reported. Think twice before you decide on getting a tattoo, body piercing, manicure, or even a haircut or any treatment somewhere where there is a risk of skin damage. What you might bring home is more than you just a nice tattoo, unless you make sure that the equipment has been properly sterilised before it is reused.

Thus, always be careful about what you eat, drink and do while enjoying your vacation. Take all actions possible to have a great time without ever having to regret about your actions.

Before going on trip think of the fact that there are the noteworthy reasons why FCO and insurance companies often emphasize the importance of travel insurance – even for short trips within Europe and outside of it.