Travel Guidelines – The Top 5 Travel Hoaxes

Here we are in the heart of the summertime holiday travel rush season – a time when many people are understandably desperate for openings on swarmed flights and in booked-up hotels for fantastic holiday attractions all around. With their anxiety trying to snag the final ticket and that at a discount, people understandably dispense with a little bit of their normal sense of forewarning. When people are in a rush for one thing and feel eligible for a little lost caution, you can be certain that you will see con artists ready to benefit from the circumstance. Here are some travel tips on the kinds of hoaxes that operates throughout the holiday travel season. You see, you’re not the only one around that hopes for a holiday bargain – its bargain season for the criminals too.

1. You get an e-mail or typical mail leaflet that promotes a unique travel deal. The sender boasts to be a significant travel agency, and offers you a unique technique to snag a unique package. They request you to be a type of home-based travel agent for them; they offer to address all of the unpleasant particulars at the backend. For a modest thousand-dollar fee, they’ll teach you in the art of being a travel agent, and give you your travel agent ID card. When you have that card, you will find yourself eligible for a variety of the deals which are open only to travel agents. Now this is a swindle; the ID card they sent you is a total scam too. And every hotel or airline you may approach knows all about them. And if it were a legitimate ID card, you’d still not have any far better time in your reservations.

2. What about the one where by some person markets on Craigslist and claims to have a time share someplace that he does not want any longer. He’ll attempt to ask you for a significant amount for it. They will take your money, and you’ll never see your timeshare. Never ever accept a timeshare sale that you need to actually pay anything further than a couple of bucks. It’s always enough if you just take over their time share commitment and ease them of the deal they are stuck with whereby that requires them to keep paying the company.

3. Folks try to sell you insurance to pay for your losses should you ever have to terminate a trip you had bookings for. It appears pretty good; with the exception that it is hilarious insurance, and you’ll by no means see any cash. Needless to say you’ll find actual accredited insurance deals with this kind of thing; go to a suitable insurance website; or try to check for travel tips around for the best travel cover businesses.

4. You’ll find travel services which operate around which do not take credit cards; they only take immediate funds transfers. They usually provide you with travel specials that are way too good to be true; mainly since they are. Exactly who in this era would get a ticket that offered them no evidence for what they put in? They wouldn’t have any proof of payment to claim as a deduction on their IRS forms. Fundamentally, as any article on travel recommendations on how to avoid scams will tell you, never deal with a vendor that will not take credit cards.

5. And here is one thing you will not learn about it in many articles on travel guidelines – it’s the brand new future travel timeshare-like method. They ask you to spend thousands of dollars for a permanent position on their listings for cost-free travel and stay around the world to the end of time. People go and sign right up, and then wait around for a long time for travel agreements which by no means take place. Why would anybody believe this? Those people have nothing. Keep away from future travel clubs such as this; unless of course you truly know someone that knows by experience.

What is a Notary Signing Agent and How Do You Start a Business?

A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary Public who has acquired a familiarity and understanding of mortgage loan documents either via experience or training. This individual will work as either is hired as an independent contractor for signing agencies, or as a self-employed person receiving assignment through his/her own marketing and advertising efforts.

The job consist of ensuring that real estate loan documents are properly executed by the borrower(s), notarized, and returned promptly for processing to the title or escrow officer. This is an important and vital service for borrowers and closing agents, without which a mortgage loan transaction would not be able to be consummated.

The Statue of Frauds and the Patriotic Act seek to maintain integrity of a signer’s signature to authenticate a document, and to identify the borrower for tax reporting and anti-money laundering regulation. This is significantly role for a notary very important, now that so many more transactions are being conducted online or by telephone.

A Notary Signing Agent will travel to the customers home or office at their convenience to execute loan documents instead of having the borrower interrupt their busy schedule to drive to a the title company, or escrow agent’s office.

This convenience allows all parties to the transaction be more productive and in any cases reduce the settlement cost. Closing agents have discover this is a much preferred means of doing business, allowing the borrower to review the documents in the privacy of their home or office while increasing the volume of loan a closing agency can handle.

Your primary duties will include: answering phones, customer service, some filing, notarizing documents, networking and marketing your services. You will be required to pass a test or exam sponsored by your state’s governing agency to obtain a certificate or commission. At times being a Notary Signing Agent can be fast-paced and require flexibility and patience.

To really be highly successful as a Notary Signing Agent you must be reliable, honest, willing to learn, a good communicator, work well with others, enjoy dealing with people, and be somewhat computer literate. Being multi-lingual is a great advantage, as it increases the population of people you can serve.

One of the biggest challenges beginning Loan Signing Agents face in getting their business up and running is marketing. There are just too many tasks involved in setting-up, managing and marketing a new business. The list of tasks seems daunting and never-ending.

This is what stops most beginners, the amount of time, energy and effort and needed to develop the business and start getting regular clients that pay well and promptly. One of the easiest ways to get your practice off to a good start is to promote your service online through a high-traffic notary portal. Title, insurance, mortgage lenders, medical related industries, traffic schools, auto dealers, bails agents and the general public depend on these sites to find notaries daily for loan signings and other general notarial related work.

This is the quick means to marketing your notary practice and giving your business a jumpstart, while you work to develop long-term business relationships. Plus you get a webpage as part of the price.

Book Vacations With Reliable Travel Agents

Did you know that booking your holiday independently, without using a travel agent, means that your money is at risk? There is no legal requirement for airlines (especially the no-frills, low-cost variety) and hotels to supply you with security in the event of insolvency. However, book your holiday through an ATOL travel agent, such as the “My Vacations Group of Travel Companies” and your money and peace of mind are secure. Reliable travel agents such as My Vacations have paid out vast amounts of insurance to their regulatory body, the Civil Aviation Authority, in order to be permitted to sell package and other holidays. In short, if it doesn’t have an ATOL, don’t book it at all!

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t always get the cheapest flights by waiting until the last minute for possible cancellations. In fact, more often than not, the air fare increases as seat availability decreases. Book well in advance as many airlines offer a limited number of significantly reduced fares. At present, My Vacations are taking bookings up to 31st March 2007. Also, always try and be flexible with your departure point as regional airports usually offer much cheaper flights as well as less queues and shorter check-in times.

Frequent travellers know that booking their flights and accommodation at the same time through a travel agent saves them a lot of money as booking a flight independently and then sourcing a hotel room separately means you often end up paying ‘rack’ rates (published full-priced flight/room rates) instead of the heavily discounted rates offered by travel agents. My Vacations have negotiated very low rates at many top branded hotel chains and airlines around the world due to their bulk buying power and these benefits are, in turn, offered to the customer. Remember, these discounted rates are only available when booking your holiday through a travel agent.

How Can You Stay Healthy When You Travel Anywhere and to Hot Climates In Particular?

It is important to realize that some destinations suffer from the lack of hygienic standards and amenities as those enjoyed in our home environment. In developing parts of the world and in hot climates there are greater risks for illness, injury, and disease.

Having an illness or injury while on a vacation can spoil the best laid plans for a relaxing and fun-filled experience. Think of your trip as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Learn all you can about your destination to avoid any health problems.

Some of the questions that your travel agent should answer, especially when visiting hot climates and developing countries are:

– Is this an insect pest-prone area?

– Are immunizations mandatory?

– How far in advance must the shots be taken?

– Are your immunization records up to date?

– Is the local water supply safe for drinking?

– Is food contamination an issue?

– Should there be any concerns about local foods?

– Are there risks when buying food from street vendors or local markets?

When booking your trip, have your travel agent supply you with information that includes emergency medical coverage and doctors who speak your language.

It is always practical to fully prepare an itinerary, listing each of your destinations, dates, length of stay, hotels, and contact information. It is always wise to leave your itinerary with a member of your family or a friend.

Contact your embassy or consulate as soon as possible after your arrival in the countries you are visiting so that they can help you should an emergency arise.

It is critical that you check with your insurance agent to see if your policy covers medical and evacuation while traveling abroad.

Before you travel, check that your prescription medications will last you for the length of your trip and longer. Make certain that you have an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses.

If you are wearing a medical information bracelet, check that the information is current; this can save your life, especially if you are allergic to certain medications or foods.

Pack a good quality first aid kit for emergencies; this is a must for any remote or off the beaten track excursions.

Watch what you eat and drink! Diarrhea is the most predictable travel-related illness. Take the following precautions:

– avoid raw or uncooked seafood;

– eat pasteurized dairy products;

– drink only carbonated beverages or commercially bottled water;

– use commercially bottled water to brush your teeth;

– avoid using ice cubes or ice in anything that you ingest due to possible water contamination;

– consult with your doctor to protect yourself in cases where the country you are visiting has a history of malaria; check if you would need insect repellents, special clothing, or bed nets;

– be aware of swimming in fresh water lakes and streams because they may carry certain diseases.

If you experienced any flu-like symptoms, vomiting, urinary problems, skin infections, or any other problem during your travels, see your doctor as soon as you return from your trip.

If you suffer from any chronic diseases such as heart, cancer, diabetes, or liver, check if your doctor would like you to see him upon your return.

Taking proper precautions before you leave and after your return from a trip is the safest way to guard your health and have more healthy and enjoyable travels.