Make Money with Financial and Insurance Affiliate Offers

There are many financial products for savvy affiliates to include in their stable of performance properties. The financial field is pretty crowded; there are banks, investments like stocks and bonds, mortgages and the related field of home equity loans, and of course there are credit cards, consumer and auto loans, it’s a large, diverse field. How will you evaluate financial products to ascertain where your efforts are most likely to pay off and earn big pay-outs? Find out what everyone needs!


How big is the audience for financial products? Ask your friends and family and you’ll soon find out everyone needs financial products. But which ones and what drives them to those products? That’s the million dollar question. At different points in the average person’s life they will require different financial products. Just consider the recent college grad consumer: they are just getting their lives started, moving and setting up their own first homes so they actually need a lot of financial products including help paying off or refinancing their student loans, they need credit cards and checking accounts, they are starting their careers and need financial advice, buying their first car means they will need auto loans and auto insurance, these are just a few common financial products you can easily market to this audience.

As your typical consumer ages and marries they begin to need mortgages, retirement funds and insurance, especially life insurance. As this consumer starts a family their financial product needs take off. They need a home, so there will be realtors, mortgages, and home improvement loans so they can have their dream home. They will want to plan for the future with 401K’s, retirement plans, lawyers and wills, health, dental and vision insurance plans, supplemental insurance and for those who can afford vacations, travel insurance. They probably want to send their kids to college so their needs will also include 529 Plans and other college savings plans. And I haven’t even mentioned the most commonly purchased investment – insurance.

Speaking of insurance… There is life insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance, even more varieties within each of those categories. Yes, that’s right; your head is spinning at the choices within the Financial Marketing segment. I’ll try to help you narrow it down a bit with some pertinent information about life insurance as the perfect financial product for you to affiliate with.


From the point of view of the consumer the internet is the best thing that ever happened to insurance. Insurance is a natural commodity begging to be sold on the web. It is an intangible with no shipping problems, no backorders, and no inventory issues. Those same advantages are even bigger advantages to you, the affiliate marketer. Here’s a product you can advertise and never hear from the merchant that there is a limited supply. Backorder and inventory constraints never exist.

When you stop and think about it, insurance is the perfect affiliation product, financial or otherwise, for you to advertise. It doesn’t go out of style, have manufacturing problems or any other delivery issues. There are some technological advances, like term life insurance that doesn’t require a physical (No Medical Term Life Insurance) or insurance that doesn’t require a life insurance agent, but by and large the product is both mature and yet continues to be useful to new generations on a constant basis. Yes, life insurance is somehow both pedestrian and sexy all at once!


According to the August 8th, 2005 article called “Who Researches and Applies for Insurance Online?” By Bruce D. Temkin with Peter Hult and Allisson Mensing there are different demographics for insurance shoppers depending on age, net-worth and what region of the United States you live in. In this document the authors find that 17% of US households applied for auto insurance during the past year. Among those who applied for insurance, 27.8% used the Internet during part of the buying process, 10.5% just researched online, 3.2% just applied online, and 14.1% both researched and applied on line. The group that tended to use the internet for both research and to apply on line was the middle of the pack in age, income and investment assets. What does this mean to you, the affiliate marketer? Since all age groups used the internet for some stage, research, application or purchase, it means you’ll probably be able to find these consumers hanging out waiting for your ads, or your content driven website.


Who is the most likely candidate to click on your ad and shop for life insurance? The typical life insurance consumer is experiencing one of several life events that drive him or her to seek the security that owning insurance brings. Consider these events and the many ways to market to this type of consumer: the typical insurance shopper is just married, starting a family, buying a home or a combination of these three major life events. Does your affiliate program cater to Moms and kids or weddings and brides, or mortgages and real estate agents? Bingo, you have a ready made audience that wants to have life insurance marketed to them! Now, which life insurance will you choose to affiliate with?


Life Insurance comes in a few different varieties, but the type that sells the most is Term Life Insurance. Why is that? It’s the most inexpensive way for a consumer to insure his or her life for a period of time. With term life insurance the consumer buys 10, 20 or 30 years of insurance, which covers their family in the event of their untimely death during that period of time. They pay for this policy monthly or annually and only while they need it. Why is this important to you as an affiliate? You want to market something that is well accepted, a standard, easy to sell and in demand, right? Well, that would be term life insurance!


So life insurance, and term life insurance are commonly purchased products, meaning that demand it always out there, that’s good right? If you’re searching for something that will make that dull but necessary product unique, you’ll need to do your homework. Is there someone out in the world of insurance selling their product differently? What does the consumer have to do to buy insurance? Most of the time, to purchase a policy the consumer has to talk to an insurance agent, which many people would rather not do. Additionally, there are medical tests that usually have to be run. And again, people don’t want to do that, they want a simple product that they can purchase online with no moving parts – Doctor visits, Agent calls – and that product would be more unique than the rest of the term life insurance offered on line today. So do your homework and find the product that will make most consumers sit up and take notice.


In conclusion, there is an endless variety of financial products for affiliates to market. The choice of product should come down to which one you can most successfully market to consumers. If you select a product with an audience you are already attracting, you’ll be closer to earning the additional revenue you seek. Remember to find a product that has a wide audience – people really need it! And that product should be easy for your consumers to find out about and purchase. Does the site look easy to use to you? Once you’ve found the right product, the field of finance won’t seem quite so frightening to you, after all, it’s just another place for a savvy affiliate to make money.