Is Working at Home For You? As a Home Based Travel Agent That is What You Will Be Doing

How about the idea of not dealing with the crowds during rush hour?

There are many good reasons to consider working at home.

You need to assess who you are and whether your personality fits being your own boss.

Here are some questions you really need to ask yourself before taking any action.

Contrary to what some people think. There is a possibility you will need to work longer hours if needed to establish your business. Can you handle that?

Take in to consideration, the possible distractions(refrigerator, laundry,pets,children, etc.) you will face while at home.

How many people when rushing for work or a appointment,leave behind keys, cellphone or some piece of property because of disorganization. An estimated 9 million Americans have wasted more than a million hours looking for misplaced items. How are your organizational skills? Your business success depends on it.

How are you with motivation? Do you need your supervisor or team leader to pep you up daily? What about determination? Do you have any? Do you give up at the first sign of disappointment? Are you good at completing what you started? Are you diligent about keeping a regular schedule?

Take a look at your past habits.

Does working at home connect with family life?

Do you have space for a home office?

A big consideration to think about is if your business fails. What is your other option? Are you prepared?

Tips to keep in mind while considering the work at home option:

1.Check all angles before making a decision.

2.Do not jump into any “work-at-home” business. You need to due your due diligence. There are a lot of scams out there.

3.Forget those “get rich quick” scams. You should never send any money up front to join one.

4.Be ready to put in the time to build your business. Particularly if you are running it yourself.

5.Getting paid from a home based business usually takes time. You also need to consider the start up cost, so plan ahead.

6.In order for you to have your best success, work on something you are passionate about.

7.You need to develop or learn time management skills.

Lastly, there are advantages and disadvantages to working at home.


You are the BOSS!

You will have flexibility and independence!

You will spend less time commuting.(Hopefully)You will also eliminate money spent on that.

You can dress more casually and save money from buying professional looking clothes.(Suits and ties).

If you manage your time correctly, your quality of life should improve.


You may wind up working more hours than you thought.

More than likely, you will be working alone.

You will need to purchase your own insurance. Your retirement is also on your shoulders.

You want paid vacations and sick leave? You need to talk to the boss which is YOU.