Do You Have a Passion For Travel?

Do you have a passion for travel? Is it in your blood and you’re always looking for new places to travel and visit? How about helping others travel? Do you love sharing your trips with people in hopes they go there as well? Have you ever helped someone plan a trip? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this article is for you.

Travel is my passion; I’ve lived in 12 states, visited 25 countries and am looking for new experiences every day. I one day decided that I really ought to turn this passion for travel into an income stream. If I’m going to be looking at travel websites, suggesting places and clipping cool places to visit from magazines, what’s stopping me from turning this great hobby into a business.

So I checked out different companies that help you become a travel agent and found a great one that fits all my needs. You have to pay a nominal fee to get started, but with that fee you get a website like Travelocity, customer support, travel agency insurance, access to travel agent rate trips, good research, back-end booking tools, internet links to include in my blog postings and Facebook page and lots of training. (Fortunately training is more like fun to me, so bring on the training).

If you desire to take your passion for travel to the next level, check out the many internet companies that enable people to become travel agents. Be wary of any hype you see and be wary of any warnings you see. There are many internet travel agencies out there and they all like to ‘bash’ each other on the internet, so don’t believe what you read from third parties. Go directly to the different companies websites and learn what you can learn.